Why Enhanced Independence

Enhanced Independence is licensed by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration as a non medical Companion/Homemaker Service. We must abide by all applicable Florida State Statutes. We are a cost effective resource that provides seniors the ability to feel confident living independently in the security of their own home and familiar surroundings.

We provide both abundant and diverse services tailored to the needs/desires of our client. Our process of placing a companion with a client essentially allows the client to select their companion. Once a companion is selected, that companion will remain with the client. This allows the client to feel comfortable with the individual coming into their home. We consider this feeling of familiarity and security an imperative part of our services.

We also take into account that when it comes to the body what we do not use, we lose. Thus, game playing is designed to exercise the brain and fine motor skills, walks will be taken in an array of locations to stimulate the senses, memory and large muscles. During preparation of meals and daily tasks we will ask for voluntary assistance, so that our clients continue to feel necessary, independent, and exercise their fine motor skills. We will encourage new activities such as outings in which they will meet new individuals, do things they may have not done in years, such as go to a museum, play, or craft fair. These activities are designed to engage the mind and keep our elders happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Enhanced Independence realizes that our clients' needs and conditions do change. Our Companions are prepared to step into the role of "Patient Advocate" when necessary; as well as, assist with bill paying and correspondence as needed.

We also prove to be financially feasible if an individual has been hospitalized through either injury or illness. The number of days an individual is hospitalized may be decreased if the Doctor is aware that there is a companion for their patient upon release. Also time at a rehabilitation facility may be decreased or eliminated if the Doctor is aware that there is a companion for their patient upon release.

Our services also prove financially feasible if at some point costly in home medical care is necessary. The amount of time medical personnel are necessary may be shortened if the Doctor knows that a companion is with their patient. Also, having a companion present eases the anxiety felt by clients when nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and/or home health aides are in the home providing their services. A companion can also work to schedule these appointments to allow their senior time to rest and get into their previous routine. The companion can also gather information from all medical personnel coming into the home and provide it at one time to family members.