Paul Horacek
The services provided from Enhanced Independence are outstanding!  They are professional, compassionate, and very caring people.  As Mom’s health deteriorated in her latter years, they were not only there to provide services, but were there to provide friendship.  They treated Mom like family.  ........served as Mom’s advocate to ensure she got the proper care from......
Paul Horacek

Winafred and Ed M.
My experience with Enhanced Independence has been very satisfying. I find the companions to be efficient, punctual and accommodating with a gracious manner. While I was away this past summer my husband was placed into an assisted living facility for 10 days. .... went there three times. She helped my husband with his speech therapy, played cards, and saw that his needs were met. Sherry, the owner of the company made 2 surprise visits as well. My husband enjoyed these visits and I appreciated their kindness as well.

Dr. D. Maiwald
"Sherry Young has a gift for taking care of people; both her clients and their families. Enhanced Independence allows seniors to have more productive and pleasant lives. I get tremendous peace of mind knowing my father is cared for and she takes care of me in many ways as well. She has such determination for getting clients' needs met and having things done right. She constantly learns about the clients' needs and studies what can help them. My father has dementia and she has created tasks, games and trips designed specifically to help him. She always puts my father first. She is outstanding at getting the job done."
Dr. D. Maiwald

Edith T.
I don’t know what I would do without you. I have relied on you in emergency situations; and I have shared the companionship of ...., who is like a Granddaughter to me. Thank you for giving me the true feeling of being part of a family and keeping me feeling young..  
Edith T.

Marion C
Thanks so much for your help with my mother in her last days. Your support made a tremendous difference in the quality of time we had left together, and I am very appreciative. I was impressed by how consistent you all were in addressing the task at hand and the willingness to pitch in with anything that needed to be done. You helped to restore a sense of order when things were beginning to get out of hand. Bless you.
Mark C.

Ted L
My mother's Companion has become much more than the hired help. she has become my mother's friend. My mom truly enjoys her company and looks forward to her visits. This is true even though she is generally performing tasks when visiting. She handles all my mother's Doctor visits and assists us with understanding my mother's medications. Her experience and patience has been invaluable in this regard. She has been a lifesaver (almost literally) to my mother and (figuratively) to my wife and myself. There is just no substitute for the personal care and friendship that she provides.
Ted L.

The caregivers at Enhanced Independence have become like family to us in helping to take care of our uncle enabling him to remain at home among friends and family. We don't know what we would have done without them.
The Chernes Family

Penelope E
I can never really repay you.......for all the special attention you gave my Aunt.
Penelope E.