Our Services

  • Companionship -We provide our seniors with a new name to add to their list of friends. Someone that they can talk to about anything and count on to keep them up to date on present events.

  • Play games and provide enjoyable activities tailored to our seniors' abilities.

  • Take walks at nearby parks, trails, malls, etc.

  • Grocery shopping and running errands either with our senior or for them based on their choice.

  • Prepare nutritious meals while involving our senior in this process.

  • Provide household assistance to include:  laundry, ironing, washing dishes, making the bed(s) daily, change linens.

  • Ensure overall neatness of the home to include:  organizing closets, cabinets, refrigerators.

  • Transportation to visits with friends, relatives, religious activities, and other social gatherings.

  • Long trip driver/escort

  • Transportation to Dr. appointments-we do remain at these appointments at the request of our seniors.

  • Monitor medications

  • Support proper personal hygiene habits

  • Assist with clothing selection

  • Encourage and oversee Therapist's exercise recommendations

  • Hospital companion: Contact loved ones and friends of the current situation. Provide assistance when nurses are unavailable (Get drinks, snacks, meals, ensure patient is comfortable). Bring necessary belongings from home to the hospital. Act as an advocate between the patient/family and the Doctor (Assist in ensuring all questions by both patient and family are asked and documented). Home and pet care.

  • Overnight Companion: When you are not feeling well and would prefer not to be alone during the night or after a hospital stay, we will spend the night and remain awake so our client can rest easier.

  • 24 hour live in care

  • House cleaning referral