About Us

I am Melinda Labrecque, the proud new owner of Enhanced Independence. In 2007, my sister in-law, Sherry Young, had a vision to begin a business to service our elderly community. I am honored to have been her very first companion. In the summer of 2015, Sherry decided to move to Orlando. I was very pleased to make the seamless transition to becoming the new owner of Enhanced Independence. I am thrilled at the possibilities of watching our company grow and expand throughout our community. At first the idea of serving our senior community began as a whisper. While at Dr. appointments we would notice seniors being dropped at the door of medical facilities by taxi cabs. These individuals were then left to do their best to fill out tedious medical forms. It was glaringly obvious that this task was overwhelming for some individuals. We then began to wonder what type of procedures they had to go through or what type of news they would be receiving as they sat there alone. We then began to realize the number of times while grocery shopping a sweet elderly woman would ask for assistance in either reaching for or finding an item for her. We wondered if the whisper was growing louder. We discovered then, that these individuals were alone during the day without a proper caregiver to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. We noticed many car collisions involving elderly drivers who should have not been driving; but felt they had no alternative. The whisper was now a roar… We knew where we could make a positive impact in our community.

When Enhanced Independence started our hearts began to feel at peace. Our family of caregivers began to grow and include individuals with previous emergency room experience, previous nursing home caregiver experience, assorted medical backgrounds and/or previous senior companion experience. Our client base also began to flourish via word of mouth recommendations. Together we paved the way to perfecting a growing business known as Enhanced independence. The more popular we became the more services we were able to provide to our growing community.

I receive calls from individuals expecting solely specific services. However, they quickly realize that they are not only receiving service above their expectations; they are becoming part of a family that sincerely cares about them. Although we give our clients undivided attention while we are with them, they also begin to meet some of our other clients on outings. This provides them the opportunity to meet other people their age that they would have not met otherwise; and their response to an increasing list of friends/acquaintances is heartwarming.

I would like to share what I quickly learned while serving our senior community. Providing our seniors with positive experiences enriches our lives as well. For as much as we teach we also learn. As much as we share we also receive. When we make someone’s day better because we cared, we feel that bond and get to hold onto that wonderful feeling.

Enhanced Independence provides: Love and laughter, extraordinary care, renewed self assurance and self esteem, friends, and fun.